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For Sarongs & Kikoys Think Kasuku Kikoy!

Vibrantly coloured sarongs, kikoys and kangas have adorned generations of East Africans: for many centuries these prized textiles were a unit of currency, used by the peoples of the coast and interior. Now Kasuku Kikoy is offering these versatile beachwear garments to people everywhere. Made in Africa for Africa they are already much sought after worldwide.

Striped woven kikoys were traditionally worn by Swahili sailors plying the Indian Ocean. The Swahili people continue to wear them for any occasion but now they are also worn by men and women all around Kenya and beyond.

Though kikoys are principally worn as sarongs, they can be used as scarves, pyjamas, for cheering up a room, or as a turban....let your imagination run.

To keep in step with the summer fashion needs of today Kasuku have taken the traditional kikoy and added a brilliant range of colours. The specially woven fabric which is 100% mercerised Mercerization is a continuous chemical process used for cotton and cotton/polyester goods to increase dyeability, luster and appearance. This process, which is carried out at room temperature, causes the flat, twisted ribbon-like cotton fiber to swell into a round shape and to contract in length. This causes the fiber to become more lustrous than the original fiber, increase in strength by as much as 20 percent, and increase its affinity for dyes. Mercerizing typically follows singeing and may either precede or follow bleaching (Corbman, 1975) cotton, brings a softness which will give you comfort on the beach, at home, anywhere.

The Best Range Of Sarongs & Kikoys For Summer

Kasuku makes a range of sarongs and funky summer fashion accessories for kikoys: Available for all ages, the Kasuku range includes dressing gowns, shorts, trousers, tops, sandals and bags which all look great when crafted from the cloth that defines the East African coast. Once available only to Kenyans and lucky visitors, Kasuku now distributes kikoys worldwide.
Kasuku kikoys can also be used to furnish the house, which makes Kenyan sunshine stream into a home. Kasuku offers a wide choice in Bed Throws, Cushions and Garden Chairs.

Kasuku welcomes you to explore our site and discover the versatility of the kikoy and other summer clothes, beachwear & beach accessories.

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