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Kasuku assisting the local community

Kasuku’s mission is to help Kenya. Our aim is to bring jobs to the local Kenyan people and a percentage of our profit goes toward helping them. 

Our manufacturing plant is based in Ruiru, which is about 25 kms from Nairobi, Kenya. We offer steady jobs to hundreds of men and women in that area. We are totally compliant with the labour laws and support the community at large. We have had people working with us for over 25 years since the factory started. 

Kasuku strives to do business in an ethical manner. The majority of our work is done in house. However we also outsource some work to other self help groups in Kenya. We pay our suppliers good prices and in turn we ask our suppliers to pay their staff fair wages, to have good working conditions, to treat them with respect and not to employ people under the minimum working age. 

Our sisal baskets are outsourced, these are woven by local women who use this craft to provide a living for their families. Our beading, is done by collectives of Masaai Women. Beading is a craft that they specialise in and our beaded clasp, tie necklaces are just a few examples of their excellent handicraft. 

Most recently the crochet motifs found in Kasuku Clothing are made by a “collective” group of women in Kenya. The profit made from this work is used to support their children in paying school fees, buying books and uniform. At the same time, they teach their girls to crochet, developing a past time and keeping the girls occupied.  

The aim is to provide a means by which people can support their families in times of drought when there is no rain water they can’t farm their own food so this means they have a source of income to provide food for their families. 

Kasuku Supports A Children's Centre: 

Since 2006, Kasuku has been supporting the Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre.

The Ruiru Rehabilitation Centre evolved from a local response to the increasing number of street children within and around Ruiru Town. It began as a feeding programme in 1997.

Kasuku assisting the local community

Local well-wishers gave the street children food once a week. In 1998, a temporary shelter made it possible for the children to have a roof over their heads and a stable environment. It started with only 30 boys but now accommodates 50 boys and girls who are provided with food, shelter, clothing and medical care in a clean and healthy environment. All school-aged children are in school and the smaller children are being educated at the Centre.

Kasuku assisting the local community

In 2006, the Centre with assistance from Kasuku and others acquired four acres of land to build a more permanent structure with dormitories, a community hall, kitchen, toilets and bathrooms. In the long run, the plan involves buildings a school on the same piece of land.

Besides contributing money for the land, Kasuku also donates financially towards the day-to-day running of the Centre. Monthly, a percentage of the Kasuku retail sales is given to the Centre with a fixed minimum amount. By buying Kasuku Kikoys through our website you will be contributing towards a great and humble cause. 

Kasuku assisting the local community

For more information on the home see http://www.ruirukids.org/

Kasuku with KEFAT and COFTA

We are proud to announce on the 9th of April Kasuku Kikoys became a member of Kenya Federation for Alternative Trade (KEFAT). KEFAT promote social justice in trade and economic devolopment. The Federation was established, to create a national forum within which Fair Trade stakeholders in Kenya can collectively be involved in sharing of experiences and pressing for their mutual socio-economic concerns. It’s main aim is to improve the livelihoods and well-being of disadvantaged Kenyan producers and smallholder businesses by linking and strengthening organizations practicing Fair Trade together, as well as strengthening Kenya's position in the regional and international fair trade market place.

KEFAT is part of the largest COFTA (Cooperation for Fair Trade in Africa) Country Network with 34 registered members most of whom are producer groups and associations from various and diverse cultural and geographical regions of Kenya. Among KEFAT membership are civil society and development organizations who are mainly involved in the promotion and creation of awareness for Fair Trade.