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Kasuku Fabric Description

KWR01 - Kikoy

Kikoy is a traditional Kenyan fabric made of 100% cotton. We use mercerised cotton, giving the cloth brightness and strength. Our kikoys are dyed and woven in our workshop then hand-knotted to create distinctive borders. We have various patterns, striped or plain. The kikoy is the thickest of all the sarongs that we offer. The weaving is close making this cloth perfect to use as a skirt because of its opacity. It’s also perfect to wear like a scarf in cool weather. 

Approximate size (fringes included): 104 x 174 cm


KWR03 – Kanga 

Kanga is made from 100% cotton; it’s a very light soft sarong. The cloth used for kanga is as soft as the marini one. The kanga drapes very light and airy. They are famous for their print. We do have various designs; therefore you can find on our website some traditional kanga prints, but also up-to-date designs. The distinct feature of each kanga isn't only the design, but the Swahili proverb printed on it. All our Kangas are detailed with fringes. 

Approximate size (fringes included): 110 x 180 cm


KWR09 – Marini 

The marini fabric is much lighter than the kikoy and soft kikoy, it is sheer. It is a single woven thread, unicolour. Extremities are detailed with fringes. The marini is the lightest fabric in our catalogue, it drapes soft against the skin, it flows naturally as you move. Marinis are perfect to use in the summer, on the beach or as a fashion accessory. 

Approximate size (fringes included): 107 x 180 cm

KWR11 – Marini Kikoy / Two Tones / Punda Milia
These items are as soft and sensual as the plain marinis. They have been woven with a double thread giving it a two tone effect which, in the sunlight, gives a lovely double tone to the fabric. They drape naturally on the body, and they are also sheer. The marikoy Kongoni and the marikoy punda milia share similarity in their design with the thicker kikoy however this is a softer lighter option. 

Approximate size (fringes included): 110 x 180 cm

kwr12.jpgKWR12 – Soft Kikoy 
Similar to our traditional kikoy, soft kikoys are new, woven in lighter cotton and they’ve got a silky effect. The thickness of soft kikoys is between kikoy and marinis. This cloth is opaque, perfect to wear like a scarf or on the beach as a sarong. 

Approximate size (fringes included): 104 x 174 cm